Rafa Nadal arrives in London “with the greatest enthusiasm in the world”

Rafa Nadal at Wimbledon ©Carine06

Rafa Nadal at Wimbledon

The Spaniard tennis player Rafa Nadal has already arrived to London where he has confirmed his attendance to one of his favourite tournaments in grass, Wimbledon, which is starting next Monday the 24th of June.

After having won his 8th Roland Garros some weeks ago, doctors recommended him take a break taking into account the exceptional effort he made in Paris. Nadal was coming back from an eight-month injury in his knees, so he needed to rest and get in good shape again for Wimbledon.

Yesterday the grand Spanish tennis player said at the airport he came to London “with the greatest enthusiasm in the world”, willing to go back home with the British tournament.

According to his words Nadal sees himself with chances to reach the final at the Central Court, which will mean the third Grand Slam of the season for him. To do that he’s admited he’ll have to adapt the aggressiveness he used in Paris to go through the apparently tought draw for him. 

As ussual, the world’s number five recognised he hadn’t trained in grass yet but it’s well-known this surface is one of Rafa’s favourite and he should be just worried about being in top shape. Although he’s already in London with all his enthusiasm, he’s also a bit concern about how he’ll perfom in Wimbledon.

Last year Nadal didn’t do his best in grass as he played the German tournament, Halle, with some problems in his knee as well as in the previous week in Wimbledon. “That’s why I have to start trainning even from today, to do things well and make an effort in any session. That’s the only way to arrive in top shape to the first round”.

Aggressive rivals

He also mencioned how important Wimbledon is for him: “it is a huge motivation”. He carried on saying “I love to play there, where all matches are extremely complicated. I don’t know how my adversaries will be, but whatever the draw is, to reach the quarter finals or even semifinals will be great news and it’ll mean I have had a good week“.

Last Monday, Andy Murray wrote for his column in BBC he’d be happy if he played against the Spanish in the quarter finals. Here was gathered the news (in Spanish). 

“Wimbledon is not like Roland Garros, Australia or USA Open, where in a match you can stretch it out. It’s a different situation and you have to be super focus on every moment because the match goes really fast”, he said.

Last year the 27 years old was eliminated in second round by the Czech Lukas Rosol due to an injury in his left knee.

Now he’s back on track and willing to beat world’s best tennis players in the Central Court, but in the meanwhile we already can see him trainning himself in Wimbledon. 



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