An Argentinian footballer deletes his followers from Twitter due to a Nike’s campaign

Futbolista Burrito Martinez Social Media Campaña Nike

Social Media will never stop surprising us, won’t it? I’m pretty sure it will not. Every single day we read, hear or watch new stories about what people are able to do on social media in order to get more followers, sales or to increase the brand knowledge.

But the good thing about social media is that we haven’t seen all yet. There are many new strategies to be done on Twitter, Facebook, Google +… We can carry on learning!

Last thing that called my attention was in Argentina, where a Boca Juniors‘ player decided to delete his 92,112 followers on Twitter to earn them back from scratch. As you read it… from almost 100,000 to 0 followers in just one click. Obviously, it wasn’t a personal decision; it was all about Nike’s campaign

Some months ago the brand Nike launched a campaign called originally in Spanish ‘Bautismo’ (Baptism in English). Nike’s goal as new sponsor was to encourage Boca Juniors’ players to play every match as it was the first.

As everything Nike do, people and Boca Juniors’ supporters had high expectations about this new sponsorship and this advertising, but the video wasn’t really original. But Nike have always an ace up the sleeve and now Nike have launched a new action within the strategy involving social media.

Boca Juniors’ player Burrito Martínez deleted last week his 92,112 followers on Twitter to follow the brand’s strategy: “to earn them back by playing every match as it was the first”. Today Burrito Martínez has been able to get more than 42,200 followers. Will he get back his 92,000 followers? I’m sure he hill and surely surpass that number thanks to this social media strategy.


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Un pensamiento en “An Argentinian footballer deletes his followers from Twitter due to a Nike’s campaign

  1. alvarezgalloso 28/08/2013 en 9:51 PM Reply

    Reblogueó esto en El Noticiero de Alvarez Galloso.


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